Monday, 5 December 2016

AR Blue Clean AR383 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel

The AR Blue Clean AR383 is made of copper, aluminum and plastic. A piece of superb engineering, it has an inherent automatic safety valve, pressure pump head and shut-off capability. It is made easy to use, thanks to its Total Stop System feature.


The AR Blue Clean AR383is a cold water electric pressure washer. The unit is mounted on a trolley and comes with a handle and hose reel.

Materials used: 

Copper, aluminum and plastic

20-feet hose: You can use this to clean all parts of your car

30-feet power cord: This is long enough to allow you to clean the most awkward parts of your car

Automatic Safety Valve: This helps to switch off the pump head when there is an overload of pressure on the electric washer

1.58 GPM and 1,600 PSI: This gives you sufficient pressure to clean your car or house optimally.

Total Stop System (TSS): This feature allows for automatic start or stop.

Annovi Reverberi Triplex 3 axial-piston wobble-plate pump with tempered stainless steel plungers: This ensures that the unit is sturdy and durable. Its 3-axial piston also comes with a wobble plate pump, a gun wand and a long-lasting induction motor.

Maximum volume: 1.5 GPM

Maximum pressure: 1900 PSI

Safety features: Automatic safety valve and pressure switch-off at pump head

Accessory kit: This comprises a fully adjustable spray head, water filter, detergent injector kit, high-pressure hose and detergent tank, attachable foamer/soap bottle.

Technical specifications: Universal electric motor 120 Volts, 60 HZ, 14 Amps

Size: Single unit

Colour: BluePower source: Corded, electric

Voltage: 120 Volts

Quantity: 1Dimensions: 28.5” x 12.25” x 11.25”Weight: 8 kg

What does the package include?

The AR Blue Clean AR383 unit comes with an accessory kit comprising:

High pressure hose and lance2 jet nozzles (adjustable)Spray gun

Water filter

Detergent tank

Bonus: 1900 pounds of pressure

Does this product come with a warranty? This unit is accompanied by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against material and workmanship defects. There’s also a complete “bumper to bumper” warranty for the spray gun, high-pressure hose and all accessories from the date of purchase.

Users’ comments:“The pressure water does its job beautifully.”“Works well. Wish it had a little more oomph.”“It makes pressure washing easy and a joy.”


The electric pressure washer unit is lightweight and therefore easy to move around.

It is easy to store.

It comes with several attachments, which make it useful for many kinds of jobs in the house.

It has an adjustable spray tip on a wide-angled wand.

It has a lot of energy for use on driveways, mowers, grills, etc.

It cleans really well despite its small size.

It works silently.

It is affordably priced.

Very prompt customer service.


The adapter of the plastic hose leaks where both washers meet.

The high pressure hose is made of stiff plastic which gets entangled easily and is difficult to manoeuver.

Instead of storing the hose when not in use, it is best to coil it loosely.

It works well the first time but the second time, it just doesn’t move.

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